Tapped In | Bellingham's Craft Beer Podcast

A Conversation with Eric Jorgensen

Episode Summary

A casual conversation with the North Fork's Eric Jorgensen.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the second episode of Tapped In!, a podcast from the Bellingham Tap Trail. We’ll be bringing you the people, news, and events in and around the Bellingham craft beer scene.

Located on the way to Mt Baker, the North Fork Brewery and Beer Shrine is a testament to beer paraphernalia, great beer, and amazing pizza. Eric and I talk about favorite beers, dork out on sour beers, and delve into how bears seem to love being around him.

North Fork Brewery and Beer Shrine

6186 Mt Baker Hwy

Deming, WA 98244


This episode was recorded on-location at Dave's house.

Episode hosted & produced by Dave Morales | Tapped In Content Director: Scott Pelton

More information at http://taptrail.com/